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Your average guest house will normally have an average garden but here at Pro Brick and paving we have come up with solutions and ideas for your guest house not to be average anymore. A garden needs a lot of attention and maintenance and customers can’t park their vehicles in the garden which means that a lot of your property goes to waste. So…here is the solution is Paving Bricks, it’s as easy as 123, all you have to do is give us at Pro Brick a call and we will turn your average guest house into a unique one of a kind guest house, because we have a variety of different pavers [paving bricks] we are confident that at Pro Brick you will find pavers [paving bricks] that will compliment your guest house in a way that a garden never could.

brick1 brick2

These are the different pavers that are perfect for your guest house and we have a variety of colours, you choose.



Bond Pavers are used for both its economic reasons as well as its durability,

Bond pavers are available in a variety of colours as shown above,

Bond Pavers are suitable for parking areas, pathways, commercial and domestic surfaces

Other colours also available on order.



Interlocking Pavers are the ideal shape to distribute concentrated heavy loads so that the underground

material is not as distressed as if a rigid surface had been used. In addition to this, they are the ideal material to resist chemical and oil attack, resist abrasion and beautify an area.

Interlocking pavers are also perfect for steep roadways and driveways due to interlocking action